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So what does VIP give?

Special VIP Deal - Limited Time

1 Month VIP - $3.00

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TF2 VIP Benefits

• Reserved Slots: From console use "connect serverip:port"

• !sethale - Chose your next hale character

• VIP Chat: Chat only with VIPs in Private

• Immune to High Ping Kicker

• Ability to use SPRAYS following OzGaming rules

• Player Skins: Lots to chose from

• !resizeme: Make yourself small

• !resizemyhead: Make your head huge

• !resizemytorso: Make your torso huge

• !noisemaker: Use many noises to annoy players

• Third Person View: !tp, !fp

• FIRE Arrows: From crusaders crossbow/huntsman

• !footprints: Heaps of different footprints following you

NEW: Buy VIP with TF2 Keys

Trade ONLY with MauriceMoss |
or Beckystar Owners of OzGaming.


• 2 keys for 1 month of VIP

• No discounts apply when paying with keys

• Same benefits as paying VIP apart from above

How to...


OLD WAY:Signing into steam through the forums is the easiest as it provides the much needed SteamID

You can also enter your SteamID when you register normally in the forums

Get VIP by donating below via the 2 methods. First is quicker:




If you don't have paypal use this link: (You will need to PM MauriceMoss in forums)


OzGaming VIP Benefits Package Agreement/Disclaimer


By subscribing to the OzGaming VIP Benefits package, you agree to the following: All OzGaming VIP Benefits can be canceled at any time, for any reason, by either OzGaming or the subscriber. To cancel your PayPal or change its funding source, you must log into your PayPal account to do so. OzGaming reserves the right to refuse service. A payment that is cancelled due to a violation of the game server rules of conduct WILL NOT BE PRORATED AND/OR REFUNDED. In addition, VIP benefits are cancelled immediately when payment has expired. The OzGaming VIP benefits package, number and/or configuration of game servers, video games supported, and availability and performance of the OzGaming game servers is not guaranteed and may change at any time without notice. OzGaming reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement at any time. Your continued active PayPal subscription represents an acceptance of any changes to this agreement. For further questions, you may contact