Announcing the PGI Oceania Qualifier

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Announcing the PGI Oceania Qualifier

Discussion in 'Updates' started by PLAYERUNKNOWN'S, May 25, 2018.

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    By now you’ve probably heard about the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI 2018), a global esports tournament that will pit 20 teams against each other in a contest for $2 million—and the ultimate PUBG bragging rights. You may have also heard the dirty details about the PGI North America Qualifier.

    Today it’s time to talk about yet another regional qualifier: Oceania.

    Beginning June 2nd, 80 teams from OCE will compete for 30,000 AUD and a chance to represent the region at PGI 2018.

    Full schedule and details below. To register your team for the PGI Oceania Qualifier, sign up using this link[].

    Takes place in online custom server lobbies.

    June 2 & 3 - 80 teams compete, split up into four lobbies of 20 teams each. After playing eight matches across two days, the top five teams from each lobby will advance to the offline qualifiers finals in Sydney, Australia.

    Various PGI Oceania Qualifier matches will be officially hosted for viewers on the ESL PUBG Twitch channel[].

    Takes place live in Sydney, Australia

    June 22–24 - 20 teams compete in 12 matches split across three days. The first place team will advance to the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in Berlin.

    The top eight teams will also earn prize money based on their performance in the final round.


    1st – 12,000 AUD
    2nd – 8,000 AUD
    3rd – 4,000 AUD
    4th – 2,400 AUD
    5th – 6th – 1,200 AUD
    7th – 8th – 600 AUD


    Each kill is worth 15 points. Points are also awarded based on placement:

    1st – 500 Points
    2nd – 410 Points
    3rd – 345 Points
    4th – 295 Points
    5th – 250 Points
    6th – 210 Points
    7th – 175 Points
    8th – 145 Points
    9th – 120 Points
    10th – 100 Points
    11th – 80 Points
    12th – 65 Points
    13th – 50 Points
    14th – 40 Points
    15th – 30 Points
    16th – 20 Points
    17th – 15 Points
    18th – 10 Points
    19th – 5 Points
    20th – 0 Points

    • The roster must consist of at least two players from OCE (Australia or New Zealand)
    • Players are not able to participate in more than one PGI Qualifier—if you’re playing in the NA Qualifiers, you can’t also play in the OCE Qualifiers.
    • All matches will be FPP on Erangel only.

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